Alex David Wright Writes

I got the idea of a /now page from Derek Sivers. I'm hoping it will keep me accountable and help me actually focus on what I want to focus on.

Here is a list of things I'm currently interested in or working on:


  • My novel, Table for Glasses, a work of dystopian sci-fi that's mostly through its first draft. Perhaps taking part in NaNoWriMo will help.
  • My weekly newsletter. You can read/sign up here
  • The whole reason I started this blog was for my latest experiment: micro blogs! I'll publish posts on one topic, BUT each needs to be linked in some fashion to the last. I'm hoping it will help me spot connects and come up with fresh insights. Coming soon!


I've been zipping from book to book recently. There are too many things I'm interested in; the upshot is that it takes me ages* to finish anything.

  • Priestdaddy, Patricia Lockwood, which I've nearly finished. A chaotic and hilarious poetic odyssey in the odd domesticity of Catholic America.
  • Literary Theory, Terry Eagleton. I'm learning a lot from this. It is therefore taking me ages. I want to write everything down.
  • Neurotribes, Steve Silberman. This has taken me a while; I dip in and out. It's a whip-smart history of autism, plus a defence of neurodiversity.


  • Theories of language
  • Theories of the self within society
  • Autism, ADHD
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Anything to do with English Literature (I'm an English teacher, so this knowledge is my currency)