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ADW: Life as a Neurodivergent Educator

Alex Wright Writes

Project summary

I was diagnosed with ADHD last year; I suspect I’m autistic, too. I’m also in my 11th year of being a secondary English teacher. I love being a teacher, but my diagnosis gave me some potential answers about why I’d found some aspects of being a teacher — and a modern human — so challenging.

I wanted to find out about others like me, and I wanted to better understand where we are as a society in our knowledge and attitudes to neurodivergence and neurodiversity. I wanted especially to consider how schools could be better places for neurodivergent people — staff, as well as students — to live, learn, and grow. This year, I became Neurodiversity Lead, which means I'll be working with our neurodivergent students and staff to make our school as inclusive as possible.

I formed some questions:

I’m currently trying to figure out some answers. Most of my work is in note form (and there are a lot of those), so this page is a challenge to myself — publish more ideas, and build the work incrementally. Keep an eye on my blog!


I’m hoping that the finished project will be a book. It would contain a mixture of:

  1. Personal memoir
  2. Testimony from neurodivergent educators and school staff
  3. Engagement with the literature

Linked work

These are links to writing I think relates to this project, sometimes rather tangentially!

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